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Practice Overview 2021

Starting in August, the Ponte Vedra Sharks schedule consists of two practices per week, Monday and Wednesday. Each practice is up to 2 hours long and will start at 6:00pm. During the pre-season (before games start) we will also hold Saturday practices. 


Game Overview 2021

In September the games will begin. Games can start as early as 8:30am and will be continue until all divisions have played. Game schedules will be made once the divisions are created and rosters are complete. You will find all the needed information about practices and games at your divisions link to the right. 



All practices and games are held at Davis Park in Ponte Vedra. The park consists of multiple sports complexes and recreation areas. Within the park, you'll find the football area with three football fields.
















Practice/Game RSVP

Throughout the season, our coaches work to progressively grow your child's understanding of the game of football. A critical part of that comes from the practice drills and JDL's unique player participation policies. In many cases, there is little time (no more than two practices in a week) available to the coaches and players to prepare for their week's position assignments. Understanding these constraints, we ask that you be courteous to your coaches by making them aware of any upcoming vacations or other absences. Furthermore, if circumstances result in an illness or other unexpected absence, please notify your coach immediately so that he can make appropriate adjustments. Your support in this request will help assure that all players are granted equal opportunity to play and participate.


Weather Policy

All practices and games are held as scheduled unless there is an active thunderstorm in proximity of the fields. The fields are equipped with a lighting monitoring system that signals when lighting is present and football participation must stop. Often times, lighting is detected before you see it, so trust the detection system and leave the field. If the lighting systems goes off, all players and coaches must leave the playing area, go in the parking lot, take cover in cars, and await further instruction as to whether practice will continue or be ended.

Coaches should remember that parents always have the option to keep players away from practice due to threatening weather. We do not make up missed practices.  

Before a practice or game, you can check this website for any cancellation announcements. Practice & Game updates will be posted to this site.


Practice/Game Day Planning 

In the course of one's daily routine, it's easy to forget the basics... and in the game of football, the basics include proper pre-game/pre-practice planning. Living in Florida, we can assume the majority (if not all) of our football season will be played in 90 degree heat. Accordingly, for the safety of our players and spectators, we remind you to adequately prepare. Consider the following checklist before each practice/game.

  • Pregame/Pre Practice Hydration - (See Player Safety)

  • Replenish Lost Fluids During & After - (See Player Safety)

  • Bring Plenty of Sunscreen - Especially for Saturday practices/games

  • Don't Forget the Bug Spray - Evening practices at Davis Park bring out the bugs.

  • Shade (Tents/Sports Umbrellas) - Too often, we remember our kids and forget about ourselves... protect yourself from the hot sun.

  • Chairs - Although there are bleachers... many parents prefer to sit closer to the field and bring along their own chairs.

  • Camera/Video - Especially for Games... you never know when your child may add to his/her highlight reel.

  • Have Fun - Remember, it's YOUTH Sports. The kids are there to have fun and learn something. The largest component in this is your support and positive participation.

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