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Join JDL Football

JDL Football is one of the fastest growing youth football organizations in the country. Communities are attracted to the unique concept that introduces youth of various ages, weights, and abilities to the game of football. Knowing that every child gets to play every position is very attractive to parents and coaches alike.

What does joining JDL Football include?

To Join JDL Football complete a membership application which includes an annual $200 membership fee


We will then provide you the complete JDL Football membership package including the following:

  • An Introduction to Junior Development League Football

  • JDL Football Coaches Guide and Drill Manual

  • JDL Football practice plan templates for the entire season 

  • JDL Football Playbook

  • JDL Football Coaches Tutorials

  • JDL Football Game Day Roster Software

  • JDL Football Rule Book

  • JDL Football Newsletter sample 

  • JDL Football Coaches’ Corner communiqué sample

  • JDL Football Player Registration Forms

  • NYSA Coaches and Parents Codes of Conduct 

  • JDL On-line Support

  • USA Football Affiliate Benefits  Package

If you are interested in bringing JDL Football to your community or have more questions about the JDL football philosophy, please fill out the form below. Someone will be in communication with you soon.

Thanks! Message sent.

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