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JDL Tradition

Over the years, JDL in Ponte Vedra has established a number of traditions. Each are geared at extending primary objectives of the league. All are consistent with the idea that youth sports should be fun for all participants. As parents, we invite you to be a part of each and every activity.

The Huddle

"The Huddle" is a special event for JDL players regardless of age or division. It is a brief time after each practice and each game where coaches take a few minutes to recognize players in the division for accomplishments or contributions made that day. The accomplishment may be a strong performance in a practice drill or scrimmage, a great block, a touchdown saving tackle, a fumble recovery, a pass or run. The coach has the player stand up to be recognized for his accomplishment. During practices and games, coaches should make mental or paper notes of the players who should be recognized in the “Huddle.” This should be done in conjunction with the coaches’ spreadsheet tracking player recognition.

JDL Combine

In 2013, JDL introduced a new event called the JDL Combine.  Modeled after the NFL Combine this event offers JDL participants, from all leagues, the opportunity to compete against each other in a series of NFL Combine inspired events.


JDL Coaches Clinic

As part of the preparation for the new season, all JDL coaches are invited to participate in a specially run Coach's Clinic. While there, these volunteers are professionally instructed on the same drills and tips that they will later share with their teams. Past clinics have been led by active Jags coaches, past players, high school and college coaches, NCAA standouts, and USA Football clinic technicians. Despite past playing experience, we often hear from our volunteer coaches that they learned as much in a 15 minute clinic station as they did in all their years of playing... the instruction is that good... and your children will benefit from it.

Giving & Growing

Perhaps the most important tradition among JDL families, and also the most overlooked, is their level of active engagement and support for their children, their coaches, and the league. With JDL, it's especially true that you get out of it what you put into it, and the program has been blessed with exceptional players, parents, and other volunteers. It takes a lot of work to make a football program work... it takes a lot more work than that if it is to provide the kind of memorable and fun experience that makes a difference for the kids. In years past, we've been blessed with an abundance of contributors (both financial and through their volunteer work). We ask you to consider following in their footsteps so that we can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of our youth.

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