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Supporting the Program

If there's a repetitive theme on this site, it's that JDL owes its tremendous success to the hard work and generosity afforded by the JDL families. While each family must consider the level and nature of their involvement, we strive for 100% member participation in the program throughout the season.   


Division Level Volunteer Opportunities*


Coaching - Parents wishing to contribute their time by serving as a coach may do following proper background checks and certifications. Coaches need not have extensive experience in football... especially at the earliest ages involved in the league. Parents who travel for work are encouraged to consider an assistant coaching position. The league requires county and league certification for this role and that each coach become a member of the USA Football program.


Team Parent - Don't be fooled... The JDL Team Mom or Dad, does a lot more than coordinate after game snacks. In this program, the role of the Team Parent is critical to the workings of the division and league. Team Parents help coordinate volunteers for each game, support the league in its fundraising activities, assist with communications, and yes, coordinate snacks if your division deems it appropriate. Often this volunteer (or volunteers as the case may be) is central to sideline management and therefore must be certified by the county.   


Photographer/Videographer - Persons in this role are responsible for taking pictures during games and select practices and posting them to the division's photo-share website. Please note the importance of this role as it enables the JDL program to produce a visually rich newsletter and yearbook. It also provides the opportunity for other game-time volunteers to benefit from a shared photographer resource (where otherwise they'd not have the opportunities to capture pictures). This volunteer captures memories so that all players, parents, friends and family can share in the JDL experience.  In the younger divisions, the photographer will be allowed on the field. At older levels, they will work from the sideline.  


Chain Gang - Everyone gets to take their turn on the Chain Gang. The chain gang works the sideline yardage and down markers. No experience required.

Field/Equipment Manager

Event Coordinator

Volunteer/Safety Manager


NOTE:  Roles requiring St Johns County Background Checks and Volunteer Certification must complete the prerequisite training and submit the required volunteer forms and then be approved by the county for involvement in youth sports.  Links to the applicable certification requirements are provided below.  Please contact the league administrator with questions or for more information


   PVAA Training & Certification  requires a login and password


* Depending on your division's coach and participation, volunteer opportunities may vary.


Consider Financial Support by Becoming a JDL Football Booster.

One-time and Monthly Options Available

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