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Supporting Your Child

Studies have shown that a young child's overall enjoyment of youth sports program is directly tied to the positive encouragement and support given by his/her parent. As our goal is to ensure that each player is able to reflect upon his season(s) of JDL football with a favorable impression, we ask that you actively support your child throughout the season. Your support starts with your positive encouragement and is exemplified through the careful example of sportsmanship that you display.  


As a game, football also affords us the opportunity to support our children in other ways. Having 22 different positions, various alignments, extensive playbooks, not to mention a wide range of fundamental skill requirements, football is a complex sport. The JDL coaches will leverage every opportunity to help your child learn and understand the game, but also recognize that your involvement goes a long way. Where possible, we encourage you to take advantage of the raw curiosity that will no doubt surface as we progressively teach the children the fundamentals. Parents can help their children by reinforcing the skills demonstrated in practice. Parents may choose to use their time to help their child learn the plays... or further their appreciation for youth sports. Whatever you choose to do, your active participation will go a long way in ensuring your child's enjoyment... and your relationship.


JDL provides a variety of materials suitable for review with your child.  They are available on this website and are accessible through the links below.


    Review the plays


    Review & Reinforce Skills and Agility Drills

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